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    From Camping to Glamping, Our Top Picks to Make Your Next Vacay Unforgettable

    Published on 23 December 2021, Thursday, 12:04 PM
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    With travel back on the cards, many people are choosing to explore locations within their own regional backyard. Camping can be great for your mental health and an amazing way to get back to nature.  Whether you're keen to rough it or glamping is more your style, there are many spectacular places to discover across Australia, Tourism Australia lists a great selection of the country’s top camping spots to check out - including tropical islands, rain forests and national parks.

    Camping can be the ultimate family getaway and it’s also cost effective. A successful camping trip does require a little groundwork, especially if you want to be ultra-comfortable or if you have a big group of you travelling together.

    Kennards Hire can help you with a range of equipment to make your camp site a true home away from home. Take a look - what's on offer at your local branch might just surprise you! 

    • Camping with a Generator and Fairy Lights

    Feel closer to nature your way

    Kennards Hire Nowra Branch Manager, Matt Gumley, said his team is already fielding inquiries from prospective happy campers wanting to book equipment for their next holiday. His advice, booking ahead for popular sites along with your equipment can save you a lot of time and effort.

    While BBQs, heaters and lights are pretty standard camping equipment hires, so are tables, chairs and tarpaulins.

    Low-noise generators are also becoming a must-have item, particularly to recharge electronic devices. Some people even take portable air conditioners so they can sleep better at night.

    • Camping with a Generator

    Top picks for comfortable camping

    Here are some of our recommended gear to make sure your camping experience is unforgettable.

    • Cage trailer - a tradesmen’s trailer with high caged sides makes packing up easy. Throw in everything, from the kids’ bikes and swags, to fishing gear and generators! The beauty of these trailers is that they are fairly lightweight and can generally be towed by an ordinary family car (depending on the load and weight). Kennards Hire sells tow balls and ropes, if you need them, and you can hire a tarpaulin to cover your load.
    • Enclosed trailer – these trailers offer added storage and security at the camping ground. Lock equipment and valuables inside while you’re sleeping or out exploring the sights.
    • Generator - having access to power simplifies almost everything on a camp site – from lighting, heating, running a fridge and cooking to recharging phones and laptops. Easy to start, compact petrol-driven inverters offer 4-stroke fuel economy and low emissions. Most importantly, they are whisper quiet. You don’t want to go wrecking the serenity you’ve come to experience. The team at your local branch of Kennards Hire can recommend the right size generator for your requirements.
    • Air conditioner - let’s face it, Australian summer nights can be uncomfortable, especially in the tropical north! If you’ve got a generator on site, you can also run a portable air conditioner featuring whisper quiet operation and three fan speeds.
    • Patio heater - if you’re heading into the outback or mountains, remember the nights can get pretty cold. A lightweight LPG patio heater will lift the comfort level for your outdoor gatherings.
    • BBQ - outdoor cooking is part of the fun of camping, but a portable LPG gas BBQ certainly makes life easier. It will also come in handy on days of total fire bans or in national parks where fires are not permitted.
    • Tables and chairs - lightweight and stackable tables and chairs are essential camping items. If you haven’t got storage space at home, it makes sense to hire them.
    • Lighting - solar charged, battery powered LED lights are a great option for camping trips. These lights are so efficient you’ll get 10-12 hours of bi-directional lighting before they need recharging.
    • Chainsaws are handy if you’re going to an area where you are allowed to collect wood and light a fire.

    So before you head out on your next camping adventure, speak to the team at your local branch about the right equipment!

    You can count on Kennards Hire to keep you safe with contactless delivery and equipment that’s cleaned and serviced after every hire.

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