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Hiring Online FAQ's


How can I make a reservation?

If you’re looking to make an equipment reservation with us, you're easily able to do so online on our website, 24/7. If you'd rather make a reservation over the phone, just call 135 135 during trading hours. Our team will be more than happy to help you out!

How can I get a quote?

The majority of our pricing is online. We’ve tried to make it easy for you to save and share pricing via the Easy List, but please call through on 135 135 if you have any questions.

Some items show as Price on Application (POA), this is usually because the item is technical and requires an understanding of how it will be used before a price can be given. It’s easy though, you can request a quote for these items online by following the hire process (it becomes a hire request for the POA items) or call us and we’ll quote over the phone or in writing.

Tip: Quotes generated at our branch can also be viewed online if you have opened an online account, just register or log into our website with the email given at the branch and you will see it under the ‘My Quotes’ section in your Account.

What do you mean by hiring rates?

This basically means we charge for the length of time the equipment is out, not the time it is used. It's important to remember that rates are self-selecting, so if your hire duration needs to change you'll receive the appropriate rate. Easy, right? Eg: 

  • A four hour rate is the same as a half day rate. It is four trading hours from the start of the hire. A day rate is 24 hours from the start of the hire.
  • A week rate is seven days from the start of the hire, any additional days are charged at 20 per cent of the week rate.

Note: We’ll always give you the 'best' hiring rate. That means, if the weekly rate turns out to be cheaper than the hire duration multiplied by the day rate, the week rate applies.

We’ve also got a basic damage waiver included in our hire charge that covers accidental damage up to 20 per cent of the replacement cost of the hired equipment. If you’re interested in finding out more, you can check out our waiver cover on our website. Ask us if you’ve got any questions!

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I need something for many months?

If you need something for many months, give us a call and we’ll quote you over the phone.

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What is my applicable rate?

Your applicable rate is the rate that applies to your hire based on the duration entered. Whether that's four hours, a day or a week the applicable rate is always displayed. See “What do you mean by hiring rates?” above for information on the types of rates available.

Why don’t you quote the total amount?

We’ll always show you the expected total at the hire cart, however it is important we quote the rate as our experience tells us things might change, such as how long you need it for. Rates allow you to return the equipment early and pay less or keep it for longer in order to get the job done!

What is a waiver?

A Waiver is a payment made to reduce the excess if the product you hire is lost stolen or damaged beyond repair while you have it. It is not insurance, it is a reduction in the Excess for insurance. When you take our equipment you are then responsible for it and if it's damaged or stolen during this time, then you'll need to pay for the repairs or replacement. We have several different Waivers depending on what equipment or vehicle you want to hire from us. Each branch has a detailed explanation of the Waivers on the wall behind or close to the counter.

Basic Damage Waiver - This is an agreement by Kennards that the Customer's liability for damage to the equipment can be limited in some circumstances only, to an amount called the Damage Waiver Excess. The Damage Waiver Excess is the actual recovery and repair cost of the equipment, or 20% of the current replacement cost of the equipment as reasonably determined by Kennards using suppliers list prices, whichever is the lesser amount.

Vehicle Waiver Plus – This is not included automatically and is for any vehicle you hire from Kennards Hire. It is a daily payment and simply reduces the excess you would have to pay if the vehicle is lost stolen or damaged beyond repair. This Waiver is not available for P plate drivers, for these drivers the full excess payment is required if the vehicle is lost, stolen or damaged beyond repair. So for example say you hire a 1 tonne Ute for 1 day, on top of the hire charge you can pay $30 per day to reduce the excess from $5000 to $500.


Standard Excess

Reduced Excess

Per Day

Per Week

Class C



$30 ($35NZ)

$150 ($175NZ)

Larger than Class C



$30 ($35NZ)

$150 ($175NZ)

Equipment Waiver Plus – It works the same way Vehicle Waiver Plus works, a daily or weekly payment that simply reduces the excess you would have to pay if the equipment is lost stolen or damaged beyond repair. This is not included automatically and is optional for most medium or large equipment you hire from Kennards Hire. It is compulsory for earthmoving and compaction equipment unless you have your own insurance that covers this equipment. This will have to be supplied to us for proof that your insurance covers the equipment before you can take it from our branch.  


Reduced Excess for Loss/Theft

Reduced Excess for Damage

Per Day

Per Week

Medium Plant





Large Plant





Equipment Waiver Plus Medium Equipment Waiver Plus Large

*Please refer to Hire Contract Conditions for full details.

What types of waiver are available?

We’ve got three different types of waiver, we think they’re pretty simple:

  • Basic Damage Waiver – this one is included in every hire contract.
  • Vehicle Waiver Plus – it’s optional, and reduces the excess cost for any vehicle hire.
  • Equipment Waiver Plus – also optional except for medium or large excavation and compaction equipment, where it is compulsory, unless you’re an account customer with your own insurance cover.
*Please refer to Hire Contract Conditions for full details or refer to FAQ above - What is a waiver?

What does Pay If Used mean?

We think Pay If Used is a great way to keep your costs down. It’s usually applied to consumables, as we only charge you for what you actually end up using. For example, if you take 10 sheets of sandpaper but only end up using five, you can return the remainder and will only be charged for five. You’re not paying for what you’re not using.

What if I'm unsure about what equipment to hire?

If you're not sure about what equipment is best for the job, speak to our professional team at any one of our branches over the phone or online through email or live chat. We can help you to find the gear that's right for the task you're tackling – whether it’s a drill or a large mining pump!

What if I haven't used the equipment before?

No problem, we’ll show you how to operate the equipment and provide all the necessary guides to help you feel confident. It is our duty of care to provide the best and safest equipment, however it is your responsibility to operate it safely and even after instruction if you’re still not confident let us know and we’ll happily refund your deposit.

For more complex equipment or where licenses are required, we want you to be safe and may politely reject the hire if worried you are not competent or properly certified.

What equipment requires a license or certification to hire?

This depends. All our vehicles, trailers and earthmoving, for example, require a driver’s license. Some of our larger trucks, require medium or heavy vehicle licenses, whilst equipment such as large boomlifts, forklifts and scaffold over 4.5 metres require certification.

To find out exactly what the item you’re looking to hire requires, check out the Terms & Conditions tab on the product detail page or give us a call and we’ll let you know.

What if I have booked and paid for the wrong equipment?

If you think you’ve accidentally ordered the wrong equipment from us, phone through to your hiring branch. Alternatively, you can go through the My Account section on the website to cancel the hire, please note we need at least 2 hours’ notice for deliveries. You can then start again if you know what you need. Of course, ask us if you’re unsure.

You're not obliged to hire equipment if it's not what you're after, we want to make sure that you have the right equipment to make your job easy. You don’t want to be stuck with a chainsaw when you needed something a little lighter.

What if I can't return the equipment on time?

Get in touch with us as soon as possible or use the ‘Extend Hire’ function in the My Account section online and we'll be able to help you out. Even if we have another booking we’ll do our best to allow you to keep the item to get your job done.

How do I know if my booking has been received and my equipment has been reserved?

Once you've placed a reservation online you'll receive an email to your specified email address that highlights the next steps. If you are unsure or have any questions, do not hesitate to contact the branch.

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How can I cancel my hire reservation?

You can cancel your hire by going to the My Account section on our website and carrying out the process there. Dont worry, we will automatically refund your deposit. If you made the booking on the phone and do not have an online account or if you need to cancel a delivery inside of 2 hours, you can simply call one of our branches. it's easy to cancel a hire you dont need.

How can I tell if a piece of equipment will fit in my car?

If you're unsure about how you're going to transport a piece of equipment, check the transport legend and specifications on the equipment. It could be a good idea to borrow a mate’s ute for the weekend if you think you might have trouble carrying it. Speak to us about trailers, utes or small trucks too!

How can I change the hire dates of my Hire Cart?

You can change your hire dates with us in one of two ways:

1) Within the Hire Cart, you can use the ‘Adjust Hire Period’ button to change the dates of your hire. This will change the date/time for all products on the cart.

2) If you would like to make a booking for multiple dates, complete your current hire, then start a new cart for the item that you want on a different date.

Check in with us if you’re having trouble with this process!

What is 'confirmation required'?

This one is pretty simple, it’s when your booking requires additional confirmation from us. It happens when:

  • Booking after hours with limited notice.
  • We've got low quantity - we need to check stock with other branches.
  • You're out of delivery distance - See delivery policy
  • You want a delivery on Sunday.
  • You're booking specialist equipment that's Price on Application (POA).
  • Urgent deliveries - we suggest you call a branch ASAP

Your specific booking will explain the exact reason that confirmation is required.

When will I receive confirmation of my hire request?

This usually occurs within 90 minutes of your request during trading hours, and the next day before 9am after trading hours (for bookings that require confirmation). For branches closed on Sundays, you'll receive the confirmation on Monday morning. It could be a good idea to get in quick if you really need the equipment!

Why do I need to make a booking?

Booking equipment ensures that you'll get it when you need it. Of course, you're welcome to come into a branch and see if we have the equipment in stock. For those big projects, however, we reckon planning is the best way to handle the hire process. 

How do you handle payment security?

Your card details are stored at the bank level, and the secure bank software is integrated with our system. This means the only information we hold is a ‘token’, meaningless without the secure connection to the bank where your details are safely stored.

We want to make sure you’ve got peace of mind when hiring our equipment!

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How do you handle the security of my personal details?

Check out our privacy policy here to learn more about how we keep your personal information secure. You can also ask us over the phone if you’ve got any other questions.

What  if my payment is declined?

You'll need to use a different card, or your bank may require confirmation of the purchase before proceeding. It might pay to have a chat with them if you keep getting problems, or phone through to us to see if there’s anything we can do.

How can I remove my card details?

With an active hire, your current card cannot be removed or changed. However you can add another card and then remove the older one. Once the hire has concluded you're able to delete your card details. Check in with us if this step gives you any trouble.

How can I pay for a hire?

We accept cash (in store only), credit and debit cards (MasterCard, VISA, AMEX). You pay us as you reserve your equipment, this acts as a deposit and makes it easier when you return our equipment.

Account customers use our invoice system, based on your payment terms. These are available on your credit application.

How do you calculate the deposit payable?

We calculate this depending on the duration of your hire and how you’re paying.

For payment by credit card, if you’ve got a hire greater than two weeks, we require a deposit equalling the two week hire amount. For hires less than two weeks, we require the total hire amount upfront as a deposit.

The amount payable at the end of your hire could vary from your deposit depending on a number of factors (such as duration, fuel and consumables used). At the completion of your hire the deposit will be applied to the final hire charge and we could require an additional payment or will refund you the difference if you’ve been overcharged.

Our long-term hires are invoiced every two weeks, at which point you’ll need to pay an additional payment to cover the next period of the hire.

Apply for a Kennards Hire credit account here

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What is your Refund Policy?

Our goods and services come with guarantees that cannot be excluded under Australian consumer law. Refunds are also subject to Kennards Hire’s Hire Contract Conditions. Since our refund policy is quite comprehensive, we have dedicated an entire page to it, read it here. If you couldn't be bothered, simply call a branch or 135 135 and we are happy to explain it. 

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