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    Kennards Hire First in Australia To Enable 24/7 Equipment Returns

    Published on 1 September 2023, Friday, 3:33 AM
    • person walking into a Kennards Hire branch at night

    Australia’s largest family-owned equipment hire company, Kennards Hire, has today announced the official launch of its After Hours Return service, enabling 24/7 equipment returns.

    The service will provide an added benefit to Kennards Hire customers, including construction project managers, tradespeople and DIYers, allowing them to concentrate on the job and not the clock.

    Now available at 67 branches nationally, with more in the pipeline, Kennards Hire is the first hire company in Australia to offer equipment returns at any time of day, any day of the week.

    The innovative offering is directly aligned to the company’s ethos to make their customer’s job easy. Understanding that many trade jobs are time critical and that DIYers are time-poor, the new After Hours Return service means customers are relieved of the stress associated with getting equipment back to a branch before closing.

    The industry-changing move also acknowledges challenges faced by customers working in the construction industry. According to the 2023 Kennards Hire Construction Confidence Check*, business leaders in the construction industry have identified the rising cost of materials (56%), skilled labour shortages (51%) and supply chain issues (45%) to be the top three issues impacting today’s construction industry stability.

    “Making our customers' jobs easier has always been at the core of our operations,” said Kennards Hire CEO, Bill Whitehouse.

    “Balancing multiple project deadlines within a fast-paced industry is no easy feat. The After Hours Return service provides peace of mind, enabling customers to confidently tackle time-sensitive projects, saving valuable time and resources. Whether it's a construction site or home improvement project, we want our customers to feel less stressed and have more flexibility in their day.”

    Customers can access designated Kennards Hire branches after closing by using a unique PIN provided when booking the service.

    Through the new After Hours Returns service, the business is setting a new standard in customer-centric service by providing time-saving options for DIYers and enhancing operational efficiencies for trade customers with small to medium businesses.

    Cruise Iosefa, business owner of Cruise Turf Services and Kennards Hire customer, says that the After Hours Returns service has changed his work-life balance.

    "Utilising After Hours has been a game-changer for me. I used to worry about rushing from a job, usually further away, to return tools and equipment during regular business hours, often sacrificing work priorities and precious time with my family. With the convenience of the After Hours Return service, I can now focus on the job and enjoy quality moments with my loved ones without stressing about the logistics of a return,” said Iosefa.

    As an organisation renowned for its commitment to customer service excellence, Kennards Hire recognises the value of continuously improving customer experience. The After Hours Return service is yet another step in its mission to exceed customer expectations and strengthen relationships with businesses across a broad range of industries, as well as its core DIY customer base.

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