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    Your one-stop-shop for best-in-class, expertly-maintained equipment to keep your large-scale energy projects moving.

    From Baseload to Renewables

    Whether you're building wind, solar or other power generating capability, your energy project has to stay on schedule. With decades of experience supporting large scale energy projects, Kennards Hire have the solutions you need. From site mobilisation to packaged solutions, our experts take care of the details to help you get the job done on time.

    Experienced Energy Project on Site Solutions

    From temporary complexes and site security to power and waste management, we have the equipment and services to help your energy project run smoothly. Kennards Hire specialists help to prepare a wide range of sites across all energy project types, taking care of mobilisation, set-up, equipment hire, maintenance, managed services and demobilisation. All offered through our unique project management service.

    Enabled for Remote Energy Projects

    With 190+ branches and sites across Australia and New Zealand, and a 24/7 response, the equipment you need is close at hand. Our team of experienced project managers traverse the country making it easy to provision your project with the equipment and services it needs. We pride ourselves on our customer success stories, particularly those supporting the country's transition to renewable energy.

    Energy Project Safety and Compliance Is Our Priority

    Reducing risks on any worksite is critical. Kennards Hire have the experience working across major energy projects and are fully compliant with WHS Act and Regulations. All equipment is compliant and expertly serviced and maintained, with full service history and usage instructions available to support the safety of your worksite.

    Your Sustainable Equipment Partner

    Why Choose Kennards Hire As Your Renewables Project Partner?

    We work closely with you to understand and contribute to improving your equipment hire experience through expert advice, quality equipment and safety compliance, resulting in better commercial and sustainable outcomes for your project.

    Talk Directly to Your Local Energy Expert Today

    Kennards Hire is not just another equipment hire company. As the industry has grown, so too have we, into a mature, large hire equipment organisation, spanning two countries, a strong network, over 1600 staff with a focus on delivering exceptional customer service. As your agile industry solutions partner, we’re here to help you keep it moving. On time and on budget.
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