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    Registration - a necessary part of many tradespeople's lives

    Published on 24 January 2019, Thursday, 3:41 AM

    Tradespeople in Australia will no doubt be aware of the benefits of registration - but many may not realise the full extent to which legislation surrounding the matter can be effected.

    Builders, electricians and plumbers, for example, are required to achieve and maintain registration in Australia - and sometimes failure to do so can be costly.

    Twenty-eight-year-old Victorian David Christopher Stogiannou has been ordered to pay compensation and put in 250 hours of community service after being convicted of five charges of breaching state building and fair trading laws last week (May 4).

    Minister for consumer affairs Michael O'Brien said: "This is an important conviction against an unregistered builder who took thousands from Victorian consumers and then failed to deliver.

    "Not only will Mr Stogiannou have to pay out thousands in compensation, he'll also have time to reflect on his behaviour while completing 250 hours of community service."

    Ensuring that you have achieved the industry standards for training and upskilling as required by law can mean a more secure place in the workforce for you and peace of mind for your employers and clients.

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